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Premium red hair dry shampoo powder made by Lushy Lox.

We use minimal, all natural, locally sourced ingredients with no harsh chemicals.

Helps your hair shine, while adding volume and texture.

Saves time and also promotes healthy hair by lowering the amount of harsh washes.

Smells amazing, long lasting, and is on-the-go sized.

Ships to Canada.
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About Lushy Lox Red Hair Dry Shampoo Powder

Rejuvenate your hair with our all natural, minimal ingredient, hair-reviving dry shampoo.

This all natural blend leaves out the harsh chemicals, extends your washes and keeps your hair healthy.

Less shampoo = healthier hair!

Instantly turn your 2nd day (or longer) hair into radiant, bouncy locks, by obliterating oil while adding volume and texture at the same time!

Our ingredients are natural and minimal (leaving out talc, parabens, sulfates and heavy metals), but still pack a major punch!

Go ahead, save some time and save your hair with Lushy Lox incredible smelling, all natural, hair-reviving dry shampoo.

Proudly vegan & cruelty free.

What it is:

An all natural powder, that blends easily in your hair, to help your hair appear clean, increase volume and add texture which saves you time and saves your hair from harsh chemical daily washes.

Benefits of Our Dry Shampoo:

By using Lushy Lox Dry SHampoo you can lengthen the time between regular shampoos. This is a benefit because by washing your hair too often you are exposing yourhair and scalp to harsh chemicals and can dry it out.

You can also save your hair from damaging heat implements such as hairdryers and irons that damage hair.

Dry shampoos can be used anywhere, anytime adding volumizing effects which can extend your styling.

By using dry shampoo you also can extend colorings whereas wet shampoos can cause fading a lot faster.


3 all-natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients locally sourced.

Corn starch – used to absorb oil and add volume.

Cinnamon – natural coloring for red hair.

Fragrance – pink sugar.

How to Use
  1. Seperate your hair into sections. 
  2. Shake powder to remove any clumps. 
  3. Sprinkle the powder into your hands or directly into your hair. 
  4. Apply in each section of hair near your scalp and your roots. 
  5. Use a brush or your hands to run the product through your hair unil oily hair is no more.

2 reviews for Red Hair Dry Shampoo Powder

  1. Ophelia T

    I have tried nearly every dry shampoo product on the market and nothing comes close to this ! It is wonderful and works so well !
    I am so happy I have found this!

  2. Katie R

    Finally a good red dry shampoo powder. My best secret

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